Gravois-Jefferson Plan Update: 04/14/2017

Here’s a quick update on the Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods planning process!

Since our public kick off in November, we have engaged more than 550 people, gathering 4,000+ pieces of information. We’ve had four large public meetings, five steering committee meetings, and countless conversations and focus groups. Our website has been visited over 3,500 times, and we’ve distributed thousands of flyers. Over the next few months, we look forward to our final public working meeting on May 3rd, a draft plan meeting in June, and our final plan presentation in July. In addition to these public meetings, we are kicking off our resource group strategy, returning to meet with the Vietnamese Elders and other groups, holding additional steering committee meetings, and advancing our collaborate work to apply a racial equity lens to our efforts. If you have not yet had the opportunity to get involved, you can participate online, take our survey, or add yourself to our contact list!

Students at Roosevelt HS made this to talk about their community.

Over the past few months, we have also been conducting outreach to our young neighbors. Conversations with students at Roosevelt and Carnahan High Schools, the youth council at Thomas Dunn Learning Center, and spring break camp kids at Cherokee Rec Center have produced a robust base of information and engagement among those under 18. From these conversations and surveys, we have learned that many young people love the proximity of friends and family and their homes. Some of the greatest challenges they face include crime and violence, vacant and abandoned properties, and littering.


On March 30th, we held another session of our second public working meeting around the theme of Housing. Combined with the previous housing meeting, these meetings engaged more than 100 people in reviewing information and developing strategies and goals to address the needs of our neighborhoods. Key themes included community ownership of development, preservation of diversity, and the importance of communication and coordination among residents and partners. You can see a full recap of this meeting here.


Finally, members of our steering committee attended COCA’s STL Map Room exhibit to develop a map of our community. We are excited to bring this massive map to our upcoming public meetings to show off the fantastic work of committee members, and encourage residents to add to it!