Steering Committee Meeting #6: 05/15/2017

At our sixth steering committee meeting, held on May 5th, we provided a lot of updates on plan progress, from resource group feedback to our third public working meeting. We also had an engaging presentation and activity facilitated by UMSL history professor Andrew Hurley and representatives from the Missouri Department of Conservation and City of St. Louis Planning and Urban Design Agency. You can take a look at the meeting summary, notes and next steps below.

We began our meeting with a short overview of the third public working meeting, focused on neighborhood. At that meeting, we asked everyone to think about what our community will look like in the year 2030. Then, with large maps and data, we drew and wrote about our future community. A full summary of this meeting and the feedback we received can be found here.

We then discussed our process of developing and prioritizing plan recommendations for the draft Gravois-Jefferson Plan. We shared the draft plan outline and some takeaways from our meeting with the staff of Forward through Ferguson. In the coming weeks, will be developing the draft plan recommendations, which will be shared with the steering committee and community members in a format that encourages prioritization based upon criteria we will develop together.

We spent the majority of our time participating in an activity related to environmental and ecological topics, facilitated by a group of experts from UMSL, the Missouri Department of Conservation, and the City of St. Louis Planning and Urban Design Agency. Their team delivered a presentation (click here to view) and led a group mapping session to discuss tree canopy, neighborhood heating, and climate change. They are currently synthesizing our feedback; I will share their report when they are finished.

As mentioned above, our next steps will involved draft plan development and prioritization. We look forward to continuing our work with all of you throughout the coming months. Thank you all for your continued passion and support.