Steering Committee Meeting #8: 12/13/2017

On December 13th at 6:30PM, the Gravois-Jefferson Resident Steering Committee gathered for their final meeting before the Plan goes to the City’s Planning Commission for adoption. The focus of the meeting was on implementation and community capacity. As a group, we asked the whos, whats, hows, whens and wheres of implementing the Gravois-Jefferson Plan. You may view the meeting agenda here.

The meeting began with a recap of the past fifteen months of planning. Since October 2016, we have held countless public meetings, focus groups, resource groups, youth conversations, survey outreach events, and more. We have synthesized community input into hundreds of recommendations spanning eight focus areas: safety; youth and education; employment and business development; housing and community development; health; transit, streets and walkability; environment; and arts and culture.

With this context, we discussed what kind of structure is best suited to carry out implementation of the Gravois-Jefferson Plan. As part of this conversation, the Steering Committee brainstormed values and necessary elements of any model. The planning team shared three “best practices” as examples of how other communities and organizations carry out their work. To check out brief overviews of these models, click here.

We will synthesize the feedback from this meeting and integrate it into an “implementation” chapter of the Plan. Our next steps include prioritization of recommendations (to be done by the Steering Committee), finalization of the Plan (with guidance from the City Planning Department), and submission to the Planning Commission for final adoption.