Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods Plan

Gravois Jefferson Community Planning Meeting

Gravois Jefferson Community Planning Meeting

Between 2016 and 2018, Rise Community Development facilitated a community-driven planning process in collaboration with local elected officials, neighborhood organizations, residents, and other community stakeholders. The Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods is the area defined by Gravois on the north, Meramec on the south, Grand on the west and Jefferson on the east (see map).

Over two years, residents and other stakeholders in the area shared their vision for the plan area through a combination of focus groups, public roundtables, design workshops or charrettes, and open houses. Their insight guided the plans recommendations on economic development, racial disparity, land use issues, social services, environmental concerns, transportation (including pedestrian and bicycle networks), housing, educational opportunities, community health, and parks and open spaces.

The Planning Team

This planning effort was the collective action of a steering committee made up of neighborhood community leaders and community-focused organizations who work to create a stronger St. Louis.

The fourteen-member Steering Committee was made up of neighborhood residents and oversaw the work of the planning team. Members included: Pacia Anderson, Richard Bax, Nha Nguyen, Wendy Campbell, John Chen, Linda Hennigh, Scott McIntosh, Linda McKindley, Andrea McMurray, Charmane Mu’Min, Carlos Restrepo, Dale Sweet, Pam Welsh, and Darren Young.

Rise Community Development partners with communities to build stronger, more equitable St. Louis area neighborhoods. By providing capacity building technical assistance to local CDC’s, housing development and development consulting services, and access to financing, Rise makes the connections between non-profit community organizations, financial institutions and government that make successful neighborhood revitalization possible.

Dutchtown South Community Corporation (DSCC) advances neighborhood vitality through community empowerment, housing stabilization and real estate development. DSCC lead community engagement efforts throughout the planning process, ensuring resident voice was incorporated into all steps of the project, from the formation of the plan to implementation of strategies.

Lutheran Development Group is the founding funder of the Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods Planning effort. LDG creates affordable housing, expands the capacity of neighborhood organizations, builds educational opportunity, recruits job creators, empowers resident-informed planning, and remediates blight; all with the hope that the neighborhood can be a strong, stable, and sustainable home for the households living there now and for generations to come. Additional funding was been provided through the Incarnate Word Foundation and Deaconess Foundation.

Residents and Other Community Stakeholders ultimately, are the ones who will be represented by this plan, and as such it is a plan by and for them.

Resident and Local Engagement

The area encompassed by the Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods Plan includes a diverse group of businesses, community institutions, and approximately 13,000 residents. Throughout this process, we engaged this diverse group in developing a shared vision for our neighborhoods.

Intentional Outreach to Historically Underepresented Populations

Intentional Outreach to Historically Under-represented Populations

The Process

Community Engagement

Dutchtown South Community Corporation is leading the Community Engagement, gathering feedback and help making sure this plan represents the needs of the community. With their years of experience working in the area and an existing rapport with the community, Dutchtown brings many valuable assets to the table. Learn more here.

Planning Expertise

Rise will build on the efforts and feedback collected by DSCC and turn it into a real neighborhood plan. Their team of urban planning and community development professionals brings a wealth of institutional planning knowledge to the table when it comes to producing planning results. They are responsible for the final project outcomes and getting a plan before the Board of Aldermen for approval in Summer 2017.

Legislative Action

With the support of the three members of the Board of Alderman who represent the area, the city planning department, and other stakeholders, our end goal is for the plan to be adopted as part of the city's planning framework. This separates the Gravois-Jefferson plan apart from other neighborhood plans which do not have the official backing of the city.