Below you will find a general timeline for the planning process. We seek to ensure our process mirrors the needs and visions of community members; therefore, these events and dates are subject to change throughout the process. Additional community engagement activities may be added.

September 29, 2016: 1st Steering Committee Meeting

November 1, 2016: Public Kick Off Meeting at 2720 Cherokee St (6:30-8:00PM)

November 10, 2016: 2nd Steering Committee Meeting

November 29, 2016: 1st Public Working Meeting at Thomas Dunn Learning Center (6:30-8:00PM)

December 19, 2016: 3rd Steering Committee Meeting

February 1, 2017: 4th Steering Committee Meeting

February 11, 2017: 2nd Public Working Meeting, Part 1 at Five Star Senior Center (2:00-4:00PM)

March 8, 2017: 5th Steering Committee Meeting

March 30, 2017: 2nd Public Working Meeting, Part 2 at Curby Memorial Presbyterian Church (6:30-8:00PM)

April, 2017: Resource Group Meetings (First Round)

May 3, 2017: 3rd Public Working Meeting at Dunn-Marquette Recreation Center (6:30-8:00PM)

May 15, 2017: 6th Steering Committee Meeting

June 19, 2017: 7th Steering Committee Meeting

June/July, 2017: Resource Group Meetings (Second Round)

August 10, 2017: Public Draft Plan Presentation

Fall 2017: Submission of Plan to Planning Commission

Winter 2017: Final Plan Adoption (by Planning Commission), Closing Celebration