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through the Gravois Jefferson Historic Neighborhood Plan. Check out highlights in the video below

A Collective Vision on the South Side

The Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods Planning process gives residents a say in how their neighborhood will look for years to come. This effort, undertaken by Rise Community Development in partnership with Dutchtown South Community Corporation, aims to gather input to produce a single community plan that will cover the area bordered by Jefferson to the east, Gravois and Grand to the west, and Meramec to the south. It encompasses Benton Park West, Gravois Park, and a northern portion of Dutchtown.

Working with elected officials as well as the City of St. Louis Planning department, the final plan will be incorporated into the city’s overall plan, as a tool to help drive investment in the neighborhood for years to come.

The process is driven by a steering committee of identified community leaders who guide how we move forward with this process.

The Process

Community Engagement

Dutchtown South Community Corporation is leading the Community Engagement, gathering feedback and help making sure this plan represents the needs of the community. With their years of experience working in the area and an existing rapport with the community, Dutchtown brings many valuable assets to the table. Learn more here.

Planning Expertise

Rise will build on the efforts and feedback collected by DSCC and turn it into a real neighborhood plan. Their team of urban planning and community development professionals brings a wealth of institutional planning knowledge to the table when it comes to producing planning results. They are responsible for the final project outcomes and getting a plan before the Board of Aldermen for approval in Summer 2017.

Legislative Action

With the support of the three members of the Board of Alderman who represent the area, the city planning department, and other stakeholders, our end goal is for the plan to be adopted as part of the city's planning framework. This separates the Gravois-Jefferson plan apart from other neighborhood plans which do not have the official backing of the city.

About Us

The Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods Planning initiative is a partnership between Rise Community Development, Dutchtown South Community Corporation in cooperation with members of the Board of Alderman, the City of St. Louis Planning department, and funding from Lutheran Development Group, Incarnate Word Foundation, and Deaconess Foundation.

Get Involved

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